Chinese Take Out – Cooking with Leftovers

It never fails, we always have Chinese take out left overs and the next day we are not crazy about eating the same meal again, so what to do with these leftovers?

I am a salad for lunch type of person but a salad can be for dinner, however you like eating salads.

I took the leftover chicken on a stick and chopped it into small bite size pieces.

I try to always keep some type of lettuce in the refrigerator so its a fast go to. I tend to chop mine in smaller pieces, those huge pieces are hard to stuff into your mouth 🙂 I filled the bowl half with the green stuff.

What will be the sauce? Why not those free packets of Duck sauce / sweet n sour? A touch of hot mustard for that little spicy bite!  OH Yes.

Now just assemble!I filled the bowl half with the green stuff.and top with the leftover chicken in a stick that was chopped.

Drizzle the contents of two duck sauce packets over the top, add one hot mustard.

And that is how I cook with leftover chicken in a stick!

By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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