Checked Out Food Videos On Youtube….

Thursday, 7.15.21

This week, I skipped going to the gym because I wanted to watch some Facebook Group’s video about creating a Launch Group. The videos are free to watch, but the program isn’t free. I didn’t to watch the videos anyway, just to learn about the program. 

Then, I watched some Youtube videos for easy food videos. 

I made Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie, which is very filling and tasty. I added regular 3 tbsp of soaked oatmeal, walnuts, flaxseed powder, hemp seeds, honey, cinnamon, one banana, and one cup of water in a blender. After pouring it into a cup, I added some cinnamon. 

I also decided to make 4 oz coffee with my Bodum French Press and Super Coffee, around noon. I finally created the light crema top layer that I like, and it was good. Super Coffee has vitamins, which feels more healthy than regular coffee.  I also drank a cup of water before the coffee as well after the coffee. 

I used one of the cute glass cups I got from my late parents’ house. 

I watched other smoothie and drink videos I want to try out tomorrow.  Youtube has good ideas.


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