Cacao-Espresso 3-Ounce Shot

Saturday, March 7, 2020

A month ago, I bought a bag of organic NAVITAS cacao nibs because it looks healthy and natural. It is dark chocolate nibs with some calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, as well as it doesn’t contain any sugar. But when I tasted it, I noticed it tastes bitter and doesn’t have any chocolate flavor.  It must be very natural. I guess it is made for dessert, yogurt, and drink toppings. I also noticed from the package that 3 tablespoons amount to 190 calories. I only use one tablespoon, which is about 63 calories. This Navitas cacao nibs is considered to be a plant-based superfood with flavonols antioxidants as well as it is fair trade certified.

Today, around 3 pm, I decided to make a 3-ounce Mocha Espresso shot drink with one tablespoon of organic cacao nibs and one teaspoon of organic turbinado sugar. This will be my minimum coffee per day, if I feel like drinking coffee. It tasted good, kind of like my 3-ounce Turkish coffee shot.

With this minimum cacao-espresso 3-ounce shot, I plan to drink up a lot of water to hydrate myself, as well as drink it early, preferably morning hours, although I made this shot at 3 pm. 


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