Alcohol minor amount may prove to be fatal :- Research

Scientists have warned that the small amount of wines is also very hazardous for human health and may prove to be fatal. Scientists have shown these results about the effects of alcohol on human health in 195 countries during the 1990 to 2016. The figures obtained from 592 medical research studies and have been positively analyzed. total 2 million people participated in these studies those who were between 15 and 95 years old.

In addition, more than 694 study data related to alcohol usage was also included in this research and various amounts of alcohol consumers (i.e. alcohol addicts) were compared to the general health of people and those diseases related to them. and those who did not drink wine and never drink alcohol in their entire life.

Research proves that people with very low amounts of alcohol based on comparisons also suffer from other diseases including cancer. while more alcohol consumers and low-alcohol consuming people, both of them face similar health problems. However, those who did not drink alcohol were safe from these diseases.

In this research, the previous research has been rejected, in which It was said that a glass of wine throughout the day is the healthy and such people’s health is exemplary, and they are safe from many diseases.

It has also been revealed in recent research, because of alcohol only 28 million people go to the death mouth every year, while on the basis of various diseases and health problems, while alcohol consumer have to face many financial issue as well.

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