X Staple Clothing Items For Your Autumn Wardrobe

It may feel like the year 2018 just began, but autumn is almost upon us, and it is time to reorganize our closet.

Even though many people look forward to the warmer weather, there is something extremely mesmerizing about autumn. In fact, according to a poll, 29% of the Americans prefer the fall, making it the most popular season amongst all four.  The season brings with it a dazzling array of colors that imparts a rustic aura to the entire landscape and a little chill to the air. It compels us to reach for cozy sweaters and mugs of steaming hot chocolate.

The season also calls for a complete transformation of our closets. Therefore, while you may still be basking in the sun, it is time to work on your fall fashion. To help you along, below is a list of the must-have clothing items for your autumn wardrobe:


Turtlenecks are the staple autumn wear. They are perfect for when you want to protect yourself from the slight chill without overheating yourself under the fall sun. Turtlenecks also compliment layering exceptionally well. You can add on a trendy denim jacket or a chic leather one to a tugged-in turtleneck with a sleek silhouette or don a large, shaggy sweater with skinny jeans. The timeless classic can be styled in a number of ways from casual to work wear. Opt for bright, eye-catching colors that will pop from under your jackets, coats, or even dresses.


Sweaters are versatile, practical, and highly affordable. Not only are they cozy and comfortable, but they are also perfect apparel for fashionistas on a budget. If you wish to splurge, invest in cashmere and wool sweaters that are luxurious to wear and classy to look.

You can even wear sweaters over your summer dresses to provide you with a warm layer while giving a girl-next-door vibe. Choose them in monotonous hues or flattering strips, and buy a couple with the dramatic bell-shaped sleeves to add some flair to your wardrobe.


Chunky, knitted, wool scarves are the perfect accessory to round-up your fall look. They come in multiple patterns and colors and can brighten up any outfit. You can pair bold, bright prints with neutral ensembles for a playful contrast. You can double a scarf of generous length around your neck for a casual, everyday style or you can wear it in a super smooth knot under your coat.

Flared pants

The 70s style siren bell-bottom pants are back in full force, and the Kardashian/Jenner clan has been flaunting them for a while now! The pants look very flattering as they are snug around the hips and can create an illusion of endless legs when worn with high heels. You can pair them with the sleek bodysuits, which are all the rage these days, or with printed, loose blouses.


Boots are the perennial footwear solution for the autumn/winter season. They go with everything and a trendy pair can glam up even the most casual of outfits. Opt for a stylish and sophisticated pair to create a signature style for yourself. However, make sure that you keep the boots in their prime condition so that they can last you forever. After all, classic boots are never out of fashion.

Leather jacket

Another enduring piece of clothing, leather jackets have evolved from their rocker-chic persona and can look surprisingly elegant when worn the right way. The classic black jacket is the ultimate staple in most of our autumn wardrobe, but this year, you should go for a seductive hue. A ladies red leather jacket blend well with the fall colors and gives a more playful look.


According to the fashion bible, Vogue, tweed coats are one of the top ten trends for autumn this year. While oversized wrap coats have always been the ultimate sartorial choice for the fall season, the classic spin on the dramatic garment raises the allure of the coats. You can opt for a bulky wrap coat or a super-elegant form-flaunting silhouette, the best part about overcoats is that they need minimal accessories to look chic. Wear them with a sleek pair of boots, and you are ready to the brave the elements.


It is time to ditch the tees and button-ups in favor of the cute, feminine blouses. They are the quintessential work wear but can also look oh-so-flattering with skinny jeans or short skirts. You can pair the billowy silhouette with a camisole to protect you from the slight afternoon chill, and you can always throw over a coat or a shrug when it gets colder. Autumn is the perfect season to flaunt the beautiful blouses with draped sleeves and subtle detailing.

Even though autumn brings with it a crispier, cooler air, it also paves the way for the fashionistas to flaunt their sartorial sense! Tell us about your favorite and staple clothing items for the fall season in the comments below.


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