Which are your Practical and Functional Purses?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

This video is about the most practical purses you own that you always use because you cannot live without.

  • Her YSL gray purse looks interesting because of the chain. It looks professional, perfect for work environments. The brown LV purse looks similar because it has the same envelope style flap. I think I have a similar style purse in KL.
  • Her burgundy Chanel backpack is cute; but I have a collection of backpacks that I have from my college years, which I bought at Rio, in Brazil. Mine aren’t designer brands, but they are cute. One is denim, one is plastic-like but it has plaid design, one is actually leather from street vendor in Athens Greece, one is woven hemp that I bought from UCI vendors week, and one is canvas that I got as a gift, which has matching espadrilles shoes. I also have a small furry cute sheep backpack from New Zealand, which was a gift.
  • Her navy Balenciaga purse is cute, especially with the white type because it looks nautical. But it does look similar to other purses.
  •  Her Gucci purses are cute, but it looks similar to my KL purse, just different names and maybe different color.
  •  Speedy LV purse is cute and big. I have a similar LV, but I don’t think mine is a Speedy. Mine might be a fake because it was my late mother’s.
  • Her gray purse looks interesting, and very versatile.
  •  Her LV tote looks similar to mine LV tote, although I think mine might be fake, but I don’t care, and mine is in the light color. But mine is also red inside.

I think most of my purses are practical, except for the really tiny ones, which I wear as a crossbody accessory to hold lipstick, keys, iPhone, and other small items, while I also carry a backpack for wallet and bigger needed items.


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