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What is inside your current purse?

Saturday, 8.3.19

I will first list what’s in her bag…I think some of her items are a waste of space, if you ask me. But her purse organizer looks cool.

A pouch for small items—earrings, band aids, spot-cleaning wipes and pen, airpods, Advil, hair ties, floss, Altoids, and powder compact.



Cell phone

Sol light—which I think is a waste.

Pack of tissues

Lipstick and Chapstick

Protein Collagen bar

Flint roller

Dry shampoo

Hand sanitizer

Small wet brush—I like them too.



Small water bottle

Now, I will list what is in my current purse… 

The purse I am currently using is my black Karl Lagerfeld purse.

Michael Kors navy wallet

Small pouch with loose change

Checkbook, which should be inside the small pouch with loose change.

Small leopard pouch with Iphone and its accessories.

Pocket-size calendar

Ran Ban sunglasses inside its case

Small notes stickies and pen

Red lipstick

Car keys on a long UC Irvine strap, and house keys on another keychain.

USB flash drive

Some business cards

Target receipt, a grocery list, and a coupon for bone broth

A red Classique Entier pouch for other small items.


What do you think?

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