What are your 10 favorite purses?

Monday, June 4, 2019

French fashion designer Justine Leconte lists her top ten classic and timeless purses. Hermes Kelly , Hermes Birkin, Chanel 2.55, LV Speedy, Celine luggage tote, Longchamp Le Pliage, Dior Lady Dior, Prada backpack, Stella McCartney Falabella, and Givenchy Antigona.

My IMVU avatar has a purse that looks like Celine luggage tote.

My favorite purses, based on what I already own, include:

  1. My Louie Vuitton purses, although most of them are fakes. The ones I have are very practical and casual, for everyday life.
  2. My Karl Lagerfeld purses because they look similar to Chanel. I think his purses are elegant, sophisticated, and detailed. I have a black Karl Lagerfeld purse that looks like the black Chanel purse in this video, except the black Lagerfeld purse doesn’t have the Chanel logo on it.
  3. My RegalCrest purse, in which my late mother bought it from London UK.
  4. My bamboo purse gaia handbag, in which I bought back in the nineties. It is cool that it is back in style in 2019. I also like my old wicker purse, which has a small Dior-like handle as well as a hard and rectangular body with rounded edges.
  5. I like my cream-colored canvas hemp backpack, as well as my leather one from Athens, Greece, even though I don’t like leather. (I bought it as a souvenir in Greece from a street vendor, back in the eighties. It has a timeless but casual style. I have gotten too much compliments on it). I also often use a my cute denim backpack I bought in Rio.
  6. I also like my old small purses because they are cute, but not very practical. You cannot put much inside them. I mostly place little basics items, such as iPhone, keys, and lipstick, and then place my wallets as well as other purse necessities inside a backpack or messenger bag.


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