Top 10 Fall Fashion Basics 2018

I watched another Fall Fashions 2018 video to check out a different woman’s top 10 list because different people are likely to pick up different ideas and trends. I noticed it was close to the other video I posted, but there were different ideas in this video. I think they are all practical and wearable, but you just need to wear such items according to your own personal style. Some people might prefer to dress elegant, while others might prefer casual or even gamin. Some people might wear plaid in a traditional outfit, while others might prefer the plaid punk look, and still others might prefer just a touch of plaid with one or two accessories.

  1. Plaids are popular for this autumn 2018. I think plaids are one of those traditional and classic prints that do not really go out of style, but they are usually worn during winter season.
  2. Oversized Coats and Jackets have been popular for a while now. I have actually worn in for the past couple of years. I suggest that you save your money and just wear your spouse, father or boyfriend’s jackets and coats. It is more romantic and you will also look fashionable.
  3. Crafty items are those do-it-yourself artsy clothes and accessories, such as knitting, looming, jewelry making, or anything you put together with your own unique artistic talents. These pieces can be statement pieces because they are unique, which will make your outfit stand out more. I suggest to wear one craft piece with a simple monochromatic outfit.
  4. Dark and Bold Floral Print: This style will go well with the season because I am noticing that days are getting short now, and it will probably be dark at around 6 or 7. This style is kind of goth.
  5. 80s leather-style clothes: Since it is 2018, consider 80s pleather-style clothes and accessories. I am not sure I can wear my 80s clothes.
  6. Monochromatic white outfits: I do not think this style ever went out of style. It seems to be popular every season.
  7. Vintage Jackets and Coats: I have some of my late mother jackets and coats from the 60s.
  8. Pumps with a modern sculpted style: I have seen these in store windows when I go window shopping at the mall. They are interesting but not very practical. But they could be fun if you have fun places or parties to attend during this autumn season.
  9. Transparent clothes and Accessories: I do not think this style ever went out of style. I have had such pieces since the 80s, mostly shoes, purses, raincoats, and other accessories. But transparent clothes could be fun, if worn well.
  10. The Colors for Autumn 2018: Monochromatic Red Outfit, Metallics, and Browns. I think browns have always been popular during the autumn season. I have always worn warm-toned colors during autumn. Red has been popular for the past couple of seasons, and metallics are the modern color because it just looks futuristic, probably to promote robotics.


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