Summer Vacation Style Guide: What to Wear

With summer approaching, it’s time to start putting together our favorite vacation looks. We always want to look our best for any occasion or event, and vacation is one of those times when we can let our hair down and wear some fun fits that we wouldn’t normally wear in our day-to-day life of going to the office. Here are some great style options for 2023: 

If we’re transparent, it’s a sheer season

If any look makes a splash in 2023, it’s those transparent fabric looks we’ve seen on the runway and on TV shows. 

While this may be a style for those who are a bit more bold and edgy, it’s certainly one that is eye-catching, and because of the fresh, sleek materials, sheer styles are perfect for the summer months, as you don’t have to worry about wearing thick material just to fit in. Ask your image consultant or friends for the best tips for the season. 

Swimwear fashion is in

If you’re looking to feel great on vacation, chances are you’re looking for some great swimwear for your summer fun. For men, there are plenty of great swim trunks for every kind of preference. You may be someone who loves happening patterns, or you may be someone who likes a more neutral look. While longer swim shorts were in style in times past, men are taking lengths up a notch. Have a matching shirt for those trunks? Why not? We’re down for it. 

For women, retro styles are in for 2023 styles in swimwear. We’re also seeing a lot of underwire bikinis, which is great for the ladies who want to find some support with their swimsuits. If you need some help picking the best swimwear for the season, consider speaking to your stylist about the looks that could work best for you. 

Asymmetrical dresses and skirts are it 

A sleeve on one shoulder and no sleeve on the other one? Skirts that dip low then high. Romantic. We see a lot of asymmetrical looks in 2023, and they’re surprisingly charming. 

While this type of cut can also work for blouses, we’re more into the fanciful feel that it conveys when done with dresses and skirts. Whether you’re looking for fun summer dresses for exploring a romantic town in Italy or you want a more formal dress for an evening show in Las Vegas, consider this style that is so in this year. 

Cutout styles to bare some

If you don’t want to bare it all on vacation, no problem. With cut-out styles, you can show skin while keeping it subtle. Cut-outs are so in this year, from cut-out shirts to unique pants and dresses that show little skin in the right places, and they’re helping to create a new vibe. If you like fashion magazines, take time to browse the cut-out styles you may want to bring on vacation. 

Cargo is making a comeback

We’re not saying that everything on this list is our absolute favorite, but we have to say that styles tend to come back around, and cargo is doing just that. However, one could say that this current cargo pants trend is a bit chic than the 90s counterparts that we older ones remember from years ago. 

While we’re not all crazy about this trend, many people are looking at cargo pants as a great way to replace what is quickly becoming outdated: skinny jeans. Plus, like times gone by, those pockets sure come in handy. If you’re booking your vacation and want to make sure you have some comfortable pants, consider cargo pants. 

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In Conclusion 

From cute sheer tops to cargo pants and asymmetrical dresses, there’s something for every type of preference this year. Find the looks you love best, and pack the best outfits for the season. 


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