Fashion 2023 Styles and Colors

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Fashion Trends and Colors for 2023 for clothes and accessories

For this 2023 Year of the Rabbit, a time of new beginnings for hope, success, and new life, bold and bright colors will be popular because it is time to shine like a peacock and live your life. I notice that many of these styles are from the 80s and 90s, which is good because I can wear clothes I already own, if these clothes still fit me. Use peacocks and parrots for inspiration

Sheer clothes

Pleather or faux leather clothes and accessories is always preferred.

Square purses, or purses with edges, because they are more structured.

Preppy and tailored clothing for a polished look. Rugby stripes. Go through your old clothes from the eighties and nighties. Tailored blazers

Pointy toe shoes? Be careful if you have bunions.

Chanel-style flats and ballet flats

Chunky jewelry with jewelry with stones

Corset tops

Prints, and prints on prints outfit

Bold deep color can make a statement to an outfit

Black and washed black denim

Spring 2023: Maxi skirts and dresses, cargo pants, bomber jackets.

Crewneck sweaters, cardigans, striped sweaters


Loafers, mary janes, satin and metallic ballet flats, kitten heels, ankle boots, knee high boots, over knee boots, sneakers, soccer sneakers, sneakers with embellishments or metallics, cutout and woven shoes, peep toe shoes, cowboy boots, and platforms.

Embellishments on shoes include rhinestones, feathers, bows, glitter, etc.

Metallic shoes, mostly silver.

Magenta, other vibrant colors—fiery red, empire yellow, tangelo orange, beetroot purple, classic green, crystal rose which is actually a soft powder pink, summer song which is actually a soft powder blue, peachy pink which is a warm and sweet peach, blue perennial which is more of a bold periwinkle blue, Love Bird is a bold chartreuse light green shade, and Viva Magenta, as well as the classic pastels and pale neutrals.

Lace dresses and printed dresses will be very popular for spring and summer 2023. Bold peacock colors in prints will also be popular. Different shades of blue, from pale blue to bold blue. Coral and orange, yellow shades, pale green shades, and peachy colors are also popular.


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