Armani & Gucci Fashions for Spring/Summer 2022

Friday, 4.8.22

I watch more high fashion runway videos for this spring and summer seasons. And, I noticed lots of bright and bold pink, although there are also lots of soft pastels and neutrals. These fashions are elegant, with clean lines, minimal style, and flowy, which is perfect for warm weather seasons. 

Armani’s fashions were more luxurious, while Gucci’s fashions were more downtown streetwear and vintage Moulon Rouge style from the nostalgia of Paris and Hollywood. 

#1 Giorgio Armani | Spring Summer 2022 | Full Show

Friday, April 8, 2022

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2022 fashion includes neutral light but elegant clothes for warm weather seasons. The clothes appear loose, flowy, and minimalist style. It also looks luxurious, which can still be worn for dressy events. The purses look summery and fun as well as some baguette-style purses and totes with texture. There are also some bold colors in bright pink and blue as well as soft pastels.

#2 Gucci | Spring Summer 2022 | Full Show

Fishnet stockings, checkered pantsuit, faux furry jackets, interesting eyewear, sexy street clothes, almost look like vintage Paris. Also, some clothes look like downtown vintage Hollywood glamour.

Face piercing and face accessories. Lots of black lace. Pink pantsuits. Long shorts. Tiaras and boas. Faux furry coats. Long gloves.  Mesh. Black mesh hosiery. Long knit coats. Leggings.

Everything appears nostalgic from downtown streets of Paris and Hollywood and their nightlife ambiance. There appears to be a western accent.

Loafers. Summer dresses. Clogs. Snakeskin boots.

I noticed that the male models are dressed in 70-style suits with bowtie, and a nerdy look, which is similar to Maurizio Gucci’s style because he was a awkward nerd.

After the models walk the sidewalk runway and cross the street, they enter a building.

I wonder if this fashion runway show is paying tribute to Maurizio Gucci...


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