Spring/Summer 2021Fashions: Which would you wear?

Friday, April 2, 2021

80s and 90s-inspired clothes and accessories.

Bubblegum pink clothes and accessories. Yeah, I think this will attract young people, such as preteens, teens, and young adults. Maybe the annoying adult women, such as Paris Hilton and othe celebrities are most likely to wear to promote the Barbie look. There appears to be other pink shades. I am more into regular pink and pastel pink.

Silver in clothes and accessories. I think it is festive for parties and events.

Leather items. I prefer Pleather.

Very small shorts. I have few from the past. I might wear it during the summertime, if my body isn’t bloated…

Loose fitted clothes

Romantic dresses

Balloon sleeves are probably too formal.

Low-waisted pants.

Fishnet mesh clothes and accessories.


Neon logos.

Walk-wear factory clothes.

Masculine gamin-inspired clothes.


What do you think?


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