Spring/Summer 2020 Fashions for Women in 40s & 50s

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Middle-aged women’s body tends to change, whether they are mothers or just getting older. It is important to make simple and key changes to improve one’s appearance as you age. Simplicity is the trick to making an outfit work together. 

  1. A good bra is importants because middle-aged boobs start to sag. A push-up bra might also be a good idea to impove the appearance of sagging boobs. 
  2. Wrap dress, shirt dress, floral print dress, and linen dress. Such dresses are all classics because I have been wearing them since my teenage years. 
  3. Shoes: Kitten heels, block heel, and wedge heel. Older women are more into comfort, whether because of poor circulation issues, weight issues, or just slowing down. I have noticed that many older women, including my late mother, often complained that her feet were feet were getting wider or maybe swollen in her older age.
  4. Neutral Purses: Nude, tan, gray, and black. Structured styles with minimal hardware are the key to simple accessories. 
  5. Trench coat are a light cover-up for warm weather. It also covers up certain areas of the body, while still looks fashionable.


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