Shoes & Purses for Autumn 2020 to Winter 2021

Sunday, August 2, 2020


Combat boots with fishnet hosiery

MaryJanes–I have always had MaryJanes, mostly with short heels. And, I still have my black ones.

Rain boots—I don’t think I have ever bought rain boots. California is mostly drought, and I rarely wear them here.

Square-toe–I am not sure if I have any.

Platforms–I have 3–a flat furry leopard-print Steve Madden, black lace-up ankle boots, and light green high heel sandals.

Over the knee boots–I have one black one.

Spikes on shoes–I have oxfords with silver studs, but not spikes. i do have a black wristband with silver spikes.

Sock boots

Loafers and Oxfords–I have 2 or 3.

Pointy-toe shoes–I think I have one.

Laced shoes and boots–I have a couple


Box purses–I have an old burgundy box purse with chain strap.

Bucket Bag—I don’t think I have one.

Neck Bag–I have a couple.

Huge Bag–I have huge bags, which are like totes.

Belted Bag–I have a couple

Layering Bags—I have done that before…One bag for my iPad and iPhone, one for my wallet, money, keys and necessities, and a tote for other stuff.

Fringe on Bags–I am not sure I have one.

Matching Print Bag to clothes–I have two like that from the 90s.

Water Bottle Holder Bag–I have one from street vendors during the 80s.

Structured Bag–I think I have some.

Saddle Bags—that is so 70s. I used to have one when I was a kid.

Professional tote bags–I think I have my mother Harrods, which looks like my attache case.


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