Shoes for Fall/Winter 2021/2022

What shoes will you wear for Fall/Winter 2021/2022?

Fuzzy and furry details–I have a couple

Slouchy boots–I have one old one, burgundy slouchy ankle boots

Lifted loafers or platform loafers–I have one.

Power platforms–I have older platforms, but I need to wear it places that I don’t need to walk much. 

Knee-high boots–I have one beige ones that I get compliments on.

Second skin boots–I wanted to get one in the past, but they didn’t have my size, or out of 7s.

Over-the-knee boots–I have one older one I got for Christmas. It is also kind of slouchy.

Strappy sandals–I have a couple, but I usually wear them during warm weather months.

Fancy slippers–I might have one…

Disco-inspired glittery clothes and accessories, filled with shine and sparkle. I have some silver shoes as well as silver sequin hat, but I prefer to wear them during New Year Eve.


What do you think?

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