September Autumn 2018 Fashions

Sunday, November 11, 2018  (11.11.18)

It is 11:55 am, as I decided to start my fashion adventure, while picking out certain fashion styles from the September 2018 issue of C Style Magazine. I do notice a lot of bold prints, mostly in floral, animal print, and plaids. I spotted some interesting styles in some ads.

I liked the monochromatic black outfit with animal print accessories. In this MaxMara ad, the model wears a black legging, black blouse, pinstriped black jacket, and fake fur leopard print purse. I think she is also wearing sheer black hosiery and beige pumps. I would much prefer leopard print pumps, in which I have, and maybe some leopard print hair accessories and jewelry, in which I also have. Or, I would just wear black shoes and black beret, and bold print accessories, whether animal print, plaid, or floral. The model’s hair looks short, unless it is pulled back into a low ponytail. Her makeup looks good, with bold red lipstick, in which I love wearing on a daily basis, as well as smoky brown eyeshadow and eye pencil to bring out eyes. There is some soft cheek contouring with a soft blush color. Since it is the autumn season, I prefer a warm-toned color, such as coral, apricot, or even a soft pink.

The Michael Kors ad promotes a mixture of bold floral, plaid and leopard print into one outfit. The tote bag has both plaid and leopard print design, while the model is dressed in a bold floral dress, long plaid cape, and leopard print boots. The plaid in the cape and purse is the same design and colors, which is good that everything matches, even thought there is too much competing prints. It looks bohemian, but I think it looks too much. I prefer one print at a time, worn with a monochromatic solid outfit, which brings out and showcases the print accessory more. I guess I like the contrast. Another cool accessory to consider for autumn and winter is scarves, mittens, gloves, and legwarmers.

I notice lots of gold shoes and boots. Actually, there were boots of all colors and lengths.

An Escada ad got my attention because it reminded me of Chanel style. The cute soft-colored pastel tweed purse had a heart-shaped clasp and chain strap. The model wears a matching dress, which looks sleeveless and long, and the skirt part appears to be flared. It looks elegant.

The Bloomingdale ad has three models dressed in fun and trendy outfits as they hang out together downtown. The girl with the bob, bangs and sunglasses is wearing a pleather pants, plaid blazer, belted small purse, and white sneakers. The girl with the long perm hair wears a silver pencil skirt, white fake fur jacket, and a t-shirt. She also wears long dangling earrings. The black girl wears a white short skirt and untucked white shirt, a furry bold-stripe sweater, ankle socks, and high-heel sandals. I think these clothes are fun, mostly for teens and young adults, but I would probably still wear such outfits, once in a while.

Houndstooth print coats and moto jackets are still popular.

I notice a Tod’s ad because I remember I have one of my late mother’s purses, which has Tod brand.


What do you think?