September 2018 Autumn Highlights

Sunday, 11.11.18

In this post, I decided to list some fashion highlights from the September 2018 issue of California Style Magazine.

  1. Plaid clothing and accessories
  2. Shiny sequin clothes and accessories as well as diamond jewelry
  3. Vegan clothing label Hiraeth, which was co-founded by Rooney Mara
  4. Color blocking in bold colors is back! It looks fun, but hippie style. It also reminds me of the Partridge Family school bus design.
  5. Cloths and accessories with wildcat print design. There is even cute MIU MIU cat head earrings with diamond stud eyes, Hermes scarf with a leopard design, and a cute Kenzo round tiger purse. There are also some items with zebra print and tortoiseshell designs
  6. Red is popular for this fall season, but with an accent of flames and fire. One purse has red lightning bolts on it. The Sergio Rossi metallic red pumps with black narrow heels remind me of Devil Wears Prada movie. But, besides the satanic symbolism, I don’t really mind wearing the color red. I have always loved wearing the color red with denim.
  7. Puffy metallic and neon accessories have a winter style. It looks icy and cold, but it also looks warm and insulating.
  8. Promote your favorite designer or logo on your clothes and/or accessories. I have many. As I type this post, I am currently wearing my white sweatshirt with Gucci logo, in which I have from the 80s. I probably bought this from the LA garment district or maybe OC Fairgrounds. I don’t even remember.
  9. Iridescence gems and clothing has an angelic look. Do you see or hear angels?
  10. Nostalgic vintage photographs are being promoted. I like going through all albums to check out very old photos, even though I might not know some of the people, such as my parents’ friends and family. Vintage photos can be inspirational.
  11. Downtown San Francisco style of monochromatic greys, metallic silver, liquid velvet jacket, and an accent on some black and white accessories, in which I think sounds very elegant, minimalistic, and urban.


What do you think?


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