Reading Fashion Between the Lines

Sunday, November 11, 2018

I continue to browse in the September issue of C Style Magazine, and I notice bangles on wrists as well as many chain necklaces. It looks like Boho style continues in autumn 2018. But this post is about the disturbing ideas I noticed in the September issue.

Persol ad had an interesting message: “Truth lies between the lines” and “Good Point Well Made.” I think it is advertising sunglasses, but they are insinuating other ideas because I am reading the ad between the lines.

Etro had interesting ad, where the models are dressed in a colorful belted coat with Middle Eastern design. They each carried matching purses. The background is disturbing with mutilated body parts of statues as well as heads, busts, and torsos, which looked like beheaded and mutilated body parts from illegal wars. I notice mutilated one eye, nose, and hands, and some of these white statue hands are hanging from rusted chains. Could that be a symbol of refugee prison camps? I also notice that some of the statue busts and heads are of kids and babies.

A black and white ad for Kate Spade New York, where the woman holds a red kate spade purse and a Congrats card. People around her are holding champagne glasses and celebrating with her. Wow, now, they are promoting kate spade accessories after her death with a red purse instead of the red scarf she was strangled with for exposing pedophilia.

Satanic red flames and lightning bolt design on red accessories.

A DG purse with the words FASHION SINNER.


What do you think?

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