Purses: Functionality VS Beauty; which do you prefer?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

  • Chanel Jumbo double flap with; this purse looks similar to my black Karl Lagerfeld bag, which I love because it looks very sophisticated and elegant, although the KL purse can also get heavy. My KL purse is probably a lot cheaper, but it was a normal price and on discount.
  • Fendi purse with strap, flap, and small handle, which looks similar to my KL purse, which I like because it loos cute.
  • Christian Dior Lady Dior purse looks similar to my KL beige purse because of the stitching design, but my KL purse has a chain strap, similar to a Chanel bag.
  • Gucci Ophelia bag is similar to my fake Gucci purse that my late mother gave me long time ago in the 90s, but the fake one is a little bigger, similar to a portfolio briefcase but smaller.
  • Givenchy burgundy small purse looks like my lilac colored KL purse, but my purse is a bigger, has one small handle and strap, and a lot cheaper. Mine also has a flap.

Therefore, I conclude that my purses are just as cute as hers, but mine are a lot cheaper, plus on sale, and some were actually on sale and discounted extra. And, some of my older purses were actually my late mothers, which were actually free. So, I am happy with my purses.


What do you think?


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  1. How can I forget my purchase of Prada a designer hand bag which was a nightmare of sorts. I thought it would help me organise my stuff while going on a holiday. There were so many sections that I forgot what was placed where.

    I now have a bag that has just 2 compartments and it is not a designer bag.

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