Paris Fashion Week

Monday, September 23, 2019

I haven’t been to Paris since I was 12, but on a family vacation. All I remember is walking busy and very crowded streets, trying to absorb the whole ambiance, which was constantly competing for my attention. Paris kind of reminded of a French NYC because it looks like the same busy city environment, but in a different language. It was overwhelming but fun and exciting. That is what happens when I am traveling…I try to capture as much of the area as I can, afraid I will miss something interesting. Sightseeing can get overwhelming…

I don’t remember going to any boutiques in Paris because they are probably expensive. I just remember going to museums and art galleries, as well as other tourist attractions.

I do remember the cool looking airport in Paris, although when I was there it was in the summer of 1977. So, I am sure it has changed a lot since then. But I never dressed up to go to downtown areas because there is a lot of walking and it is usually hot. So, I am usually in casualwear and sneakers when I go downtown, most likely wearing shorts, tank top, and flats.

But some of the OC fashion events that I attended during 90s until 2018 were similar to these Fashion Week events but on a smaller scale.

I think these Youtubers do this as Influencer jobs on Youtube, while I used to do it for my own entertainment.


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