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Newest In The Clothes – Technology

Every day we see how everything around us becomes digital. The technology enters in every field, changes the everyday working. It changed our phones, watches, home appliances, motor vehicles, and many other things. The next thing that technology is changing is fashion, or more precisely the textiles from which the clothes is made, called e-textiles. These textiles are smart which have added value. There are two categories: aesthetic and performance enhancing. Aesthetic includes fabrics that change the color and light up. Performance enhancing includes fabrics designed to regulate body temperature, reduce wind resistance, or for creating protective clothing for prevention of radiation and effect of space travel. The second are uses for extreme sports, athletic, military etc.

Look how technology inserts magic in the fashion.

Futuristic Cinderella dress

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Fiber cables are used for lighting this dress. The cables are woven in the structure of the dress, which are connected to the switch inside.

Lighting dress and jacket

lighting clothes

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The Butterfly Dress

smart clothes

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This smart dress is decorated with about 40 butterflies. The integrated proximity sensor, allows the butterflies to react to external stimuli.

Clothes which generate electricity

Clothes which will protect you from fractures

And others that you must see.


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Written by Nathalie West


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