My outfit of the day

  1. Beret Newsboy Cap
  2. Superman shirt by Old Navy
  3. Denizen ‘Modern Skinny’ jeans by Levis
  4. High top glitter sneakers by G By Guess

This is officially my first outfit pairing wearing these high top glitter sneakers that I found at the thrift store. A very classy, yet hip outfit combination in appearance. I did not expect to even showcase the beret newsboy cap, but my hair was not looking the best after showering, so I had to cover it up with something other than a baseball cap. It certainly blended well with each item presented, but I would like to share another feature of this outfit without the hat. The cardigan, which is featured below was a throw-in because I love keeping my sweaters nearby when it gets a tad chilly.

  1. Cardigan by Sonoma Life+Style
  1. High top glitter sneakers by G By Guess


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