My Car Modeling its Fashionable Decor

Saturday, 3.14.20

At 10 til 10, my car was finished. It went by fast. The recall fixing went fast because they just needed to add a missing part to the shift lever. I also did full service so that I don’t have to go in July, which is when I normally do my car service. And, I finally added my steering wheel cover, which goes with my other kitty decor inside my car. Now, all I need to get is the leopard-print seat cover for my driver’s seat.

It didn’t rain all morning, although the sky looked kindof cloudy or overcast. So, it might rain later. I don’t know how they got this cover on. I had tried a couple of time until I became frustrated. Now, I can hold the steering wheel during summer weather without burning my hands. 

At 10:10 am, I drove into my garage, filled with empty boxes and holiday decor items. The weather was mild all morning. It felt very peaceful, quiet, and undisturbed. It wasn’t even cold or wet. 


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