March Fashion Find 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Yesterday, I stopped at IMVU to check on things, and I noticed I have new items in my inventory from a daily game as well as holiday IMVU gifts. I also noticed some items that I forgot I bought at the IMVU mall. So, my avatar is modeling a couple of her latest items.

She is modeling a white sweater minidress with thigh-high legwarmer socks as well as long and loose hairstyle. There is a cute teddy bear face on the side of her dress, as a logo or a winter 2018 mascot. She models her outfit with two of her many pets. I wasn’t able to place shoes on her with these socks, probably because these socks were designed for indoors.

Same outfit, different pose. She holds her iPhone6 as a part of her fashionable prop, instead of her purse. She can’t leave home without it.

She changes her socks to wear short socks and boots as well as earmuffs, and she decides to take her two dogs on a stroll to the city. She stops to pose for the fashion photographer at the end of her beach house driveway.

Later that evening, she goes to a bohemian nightclub.

She decides to eat a vegan cupcake.

She goes back downstairs, ready to go home.


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