Many Styles, 1 Tee

Friday, March 12, 2021

Styling a basic tee into many different outfits. It doesn’t have to be a black tee. It can also be a white tee, or any color you prefer as your iconic color, whether a pale neutral, a pastel color, or a gray tee.

Pick Your Favorite Tee. Pair it up with Tailored pants, necklace, and loafers.

The 2nd outfit might include decorative scarf, stylish coast, and cute shoes, with a pleather skirt and boots.

The 3rd outfit might include cute shorts and clogs, as well as different jewelry.

The 4th outfit might include shorts that match the color of the tee for a monochromatic outfit and comfy sneakers. Add sunglasses and a huge tote. Add a different color blazer and strappy sandals.

The 5th outfit might include a khaki pants, print scarf, and a purse with its own scarf tied to it.

The 6th outfit might include denim pants, ballet flats, and trendy purse.

Change up each outfit with a different style purse, hat, and trendy shoes. A different jacket, sweather, or vest can also change up an outfit to give it a new look.


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