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How to Look Beautiful and Elegant (Even) At the Age of 60

It’s the stage of life in which we are truly free: follow our tips on outfits and make-ups that enhance us as we are:

Once it was said, “Life begins at 40 years.” Then it went to 50, finally to 60. Why? As because progress gives us new possibilities, new scenarios and new knowledge to keep us healthy and active, open to our eyes unexpected horizons; better and definitely inviting life prospects.

So, we women here in 60 years reborn and rediscover the independence (the children are now grown, maybe we are already retired) who, together with an awareness of ourselves and the world around us, allowing us to enjoy as never before in life.

What changes to 60 years?

The 60s are an important stage in a woman’s life. They take lot revenge and finally you are good in your body. Today’s sixty-two are no longer hiding behind anonymous and sad dresses, but dare lightly the bolder look. Because they know they cannot take themselves too seriously and that fashion is a way to express them, not an end.

How to be stylish and fashionable

Wearing garments that can highlight your figure and enhance this new stage in a woman’s life. At age 60 she is aware and mature, not boring and gray. Then go free with colorful accessories, eyeglasses, a bit eccentric, extra-large jewelry and jewelry that tell about trips to distant and exotic lands. But beware: the look of a 60-year-old has to tell your personality and reflect your life, not to be remembered for eccentricity or bad taste. So the invitation is to not exaggerate and use sparingly the most suitable accessories in the circumstances.

What does it mean to be 60 years old (and not only)

We always remember that dressing elegantly means wearing a proper fit for your body. It’s a rule that’s worth (or should be) at age 20 as at age 60, so when you are in front of the doubt about how to dress up to be elegant in a special situation – but also in everyday life – the important part is to evaluate the clothes that you wear. Let’s see some practical advice.

The perfect outfit for the day

Look out of the day: In general, it is best to avoid overlapping, faded dresses with exaggerated straps to be elegant at the age of 60: they may seem out of place and emphasize, instead of emphasizing the fact that they are no longer young.

Yes, soft-clad pants, but it does not exceed, or too much lengthy to hide. A sixty-year-old must be proud of his age, without pretending to dress like a 20-year-old. These are phases of different lives that it is fair to face differently. Lilac Bloom collection by tri-mountain offers high calibre apparels from fashion conscious ladies meeting the new aspect of your body and the needs that every woman will feel they have. Yes even golfers, blouses, sober blank t-shirts (best to avoid sequins and sequins) and jackets, to match with high waisted skirts or pants. The three-quarter cut will help hide your arms, which often represent a real problem because of the tissue failure.

The look for an important meeting

In this case we must put in place all the experience gained over time, choosing clothes that favor us. Classics never disappoint and allow you to combine seduction and class: you can point to choosing an essential dress to highlight one of the strong points in your figure. Jewelry, handbags and footwear are a very important resource to enrich any outfit. To cover their arms in their less seductive position, one can find all kinds of apparels to embellish any look: bolero, chiffon, satin, knitted lace or lace.

The ideal shoes for 60 years

Footwear: At age 60, it is better to have 8-9 cm heel, both for sandals and pumps, boots and ankle boots. Ballerinas are a good option for an informal look but they have to be carefully chosen. To be comfortable without sacrificing the elegance of the heels, you can use the kitten heels.

The right make-up at 60 years

At 60, there are different needs at 30, so you may want to review your make-up choices: for eye shadows it is better to prefer matte tones, both for the eyebrow fold and for what is the point Light under the eyebrows, giving shades of light to the eyelid. A very useful advice: darkening your eyebrows creates a contrast that can rejuvenate your face. The foundation is lighter and lighter. It is indispensable for a discreet touch to revitalize the incarnate, choosing on the basis of its colors (complexion, eyes, hair) between rose hues and fishing. With the lipstick you can dare only if you have remained light with the rest and avoiding the hissing tones that highlight wrinkles around your lips. The important thing is to adapt the color to the situation and to the outfit.

Femininity even at 60 years

Femininity must be the absolute protagonist. Even 60 years is in fact a fundamental component of a woman’s life, so do not be afraid to dare with lingerie, is to show to the partner to feel good about them. Last advice to look smart at 60 years is that, we always see beautiful people around us, even at 60 years and beyond, we must be the first to feel these. Working on self-confidence must become a daily goal.


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Written by Katherine Johnson