Hair in 2020

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hairstyles for 2020

Natural gray hair? Yuck, I am still sticking to coloring my gray with herbal henna.

Pixies–cool, I have done pixies since the 90s.

Blunt bob–cool, I have done different bobs since the 90s.

Rounded curly big hair–this is good for people with natural curly hair. I used to get perms when I was a teen, but when I had long hair.

Slicked back hair–I always do that anyway when I have a bad hair day.

Fashion wigs–I have nevery worn a wig before. I just wear cute hats, which is why many people I know call me The Hat Lady. At least they didn’t call me Rose the Hat. 

Longer bangs–this is what my current hair looks like now–grown out bob with long bangs. So, I am thinking about waiting until spring, maybe around March, to get a haircut. 

Face framing layers–my layers have grown out right now.  But I will probably get layers in spring.

Natural hair color–I am already into natural hair color, which is why I use herbal henna in red shades or brown shades that blend well with my chestnut brown hair.


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