Gucci Runway Fashions for Fall 2018 in Milano, Italy

Friday, 2.23.18

Gucci Fall 2018 Runway at Milan takes places at a surgical scene, where creepy looking models are carrying a decapitated head of themselves, but at least they still have their own head. The clothes are layered on a model’s body in an uncoordinated way that it looks creepy, even though some pieces look interesting if worn in a coordinated fashion. It kind of looks like they are going to a funeral because someone who was on these surgical beds had died and they are mourning. Also, notice that room is filled with surgical green, with red underneath the surgical beds. The red could mean bloodshed. I just get death and blood symbolism from this runway scene and gloomy music in the background.

I think the outfits look chaotic, from head to toe, with clothes and accessories that don’t seem to go right together in one outfit. But some pieces have potential, if worn properly.

Oh, wow, the man with long brown hair who comes out by himself at the end looks like Charles Manson.  It looks like Gucci resurrected Charles Manson from the dead into their runway show for Fall 2018. This could be a creepy omen sign.


What do you think?

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