Fashionable Eyeglass Trendy Glasses 2020-2021

The trends of the upcoming 2020 have enriched the fashion world with many stylish, fashionable sunglasses. Professional designers did their best and presented the ladies with a huge selection of unique models, among which each beauty will find her one and only option. A properly selected accessory for protection from the sun will diversify the appearance, if necessary, radically change it or just add an interesting note to the female bow.

Glasses from the sun will bring some mystery to your image and greatly contribute to the creation of a stylish bow. When thinking about which of the listed models is best suited to your face and style of clothing, you should know some of the subtleties and nuances that guided the designers, creating new models of sunglasses.


  • Oval. Fashionable women with an oval face shape can try on any new items this season. For full women with a similar type of face, models with a frame and a wide nose are not suitable at all.
  • Narrow Ladies with a narrow face should consider options for round sunglasses. Rectangular and square models will look no less grotesque.
  • Trapezoidal or square. Beauties with this type of face are best to buy large-sized glasses. Round glasses also look excellent on such a face. However, they in no case should close their eyebrows, otherwise the appearance will turn out ridiculous. Young ladies with a square face should give preference to light colors.
  • Round. Polygonal, square and rectangular models that protect from the sun are ideal for a round face. Women with this form should refuse rimless glasses.
  • Heart-shaped. Ladies with similar external data can easily afford any model. However, rimless options and glasses covering the eyebrows should be excluded.


Blondes ideally, for girls with blond hair, it is best to wear glasses suitable for the shade of hair of flowers. In the trend of this season, the following colors:

  • pastel beige
  • romantic pink
  • sophisticated blue
  • calm green
  • Funny peach

Stylists have developed for curious blondes several interesting versions of sunglasses with a gold and silver frame. In no case should girls with light curls try on models with a black edging.


The breakthrough of the coming season was fashionable sunglasses in a round frame. These include the following models:

  • Model a la Harry Potter, which is very popular among young people;
  • Attractive tisheyds or Lennons who conquered many women with their appearance of the mysterious 80s
  • Charming hypersize with a matte frame will give each woman confidence and special charm.
  • The trendy hypersize model surprised even the most daring fashionistas with the following details
  • Rim design is completely made of rhinestones
  • Temples are made in the form of flowers.
  • The Towheads also underwent changes and pleased the girls with the following details
  • They have thin resin lenses
  • Have the thinnest metal frame.


Fashion trends of the coming year conquered the beauties with a transparent plastic frame for sunglasses. Such an accessory will help to give the everyday look lightness and naivety. Glasses with a transparent frame can easily fit into any style and image.

In the trend of the coming year, the following colors of lenses with a transparent frame:

  • Dull gray
  • Nontrivial beige
  • Delicate blue
  • Cheerful lime
  • Naive pink.

Fashion cat eye frames

Such glasses in 2019 occupy a consistently leading position. These models became popular back in the 60-70s, and still amaze fashionistas with their new color and shape. Cat-shaped eyeglasses give the girl grace, grace and seductiveness. That is why, according to most stylists, such glasses are designed for fashionistas who are used to being in the center of attention.

Popular rimless glasses

Designers have created such models specifically for modest women who refuse to catchy and bright frames, so as not to attract too much attention. As a rule, such glasses for vision have a classic rectangular shape, which has slightly rounded edges. Rimless glasses also include round-shaped models.

Half rights

Models with a pronounced upper part look very interesting and quite unusual. The lower part of the product is often missing or skillfully hidden, which ultimately makes the effect of its absence. This version of glasses is suitable for almost any style and type of face. Recently, this unusual version of the frames for glasses for sight is rapidly gaining popularity among women.

Bright frames

A catchy rim is the choice of ladies who want to surprise others, attract attention and stay in trend. Famous stylists advise not to be afraid of experiments and when drawing up images, prefer bright, catchy frames for optical products. It is worth noting that with this choice you do not need to overload the image, remember that glasses should undoubtedly remain its center. Of course, such options are more appropriate for the summer and spring time of the year, but self-confident and brave girls can make such a bright note in the winter outfit.

Printed eyeglass frames

Fashion frames can have absolutely any print. After all, he will give the girl a gentle look features, playfulness and sexuality. Prints can be varied. The main thing is that they are appropriate with the general image of the lady. These glasses will give you the opportunity to feel confident and at ease.

Moderate Solid Patterns

It is very difficult to imagine fashionable collections of glasses for sight without moderate monophonic models. In 2019, designers used a wide variety of color solutions – these can be dark tones, or more delicate and lighter, as well as incredibly bright. Among the abundance of colors, each fashionista will be able to choose for herself the most suitable color for the spectacle frame this year, which will make her feel more confident, comfortable and attractive.

Plastic frames

Plastic material allows you to translate into reality the most intricate and innovative ideas for the frame. Therefore, most fashionistas give preference to just such products. Glasses for vision made of plastic are very diverse. You can create incredibly diverse forms and decorate them in various colors. This year, products made with a smooth transition of colors in the ombre style are very popular. When creating a universal and fashionable image, girls can choose models with decorative elements in the form of crystals, rhinestones, appliques, pearls.


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