Fashion Trends for 2020

Monday, January 6, 2020

For the start of this new year, I decided to check a Youtuber’s video about her top 2020 fashion trends. I will probably post other 2020 videos from the runway fashion shows later. 

  1. Sheer fabrics. Cool, I have many…
  2. Sheer pantyhose and tights with logos.
  3. Designer logos on everything
  4. Pillow Bag, which has a puffy surface.
  5. Dirty Sneakers? Mine are naturally dirty…
  6. Combat boots. I have one from a street vendor, but it doesn’t have designer brand.
  7. Wide leg jeans
  8. Color for 2020: Classic Blue
  9. Scrunchies are back! But 2020 ones are longer.
  10. Big and Bold Statement Earrings


What do you think?

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