Fashion Tips Based on Astrological Sign

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I noticed this interesting fashion video, where a girl talks about fashion styles for each astrological sign. I decided to watch it to see if mine is accurate. So, I will list what she says about my sign and comment which I agree with or not. But she talks about all the signs.

For Leo:

  • Dolce & Gabbana and Versaci, which makes you appear like a very classy and badass sugar mama. My previous eyeglasses that I recently accidentally broke were Versaci, and I loved those eyeglasses. I do get along better with younger guys, and I was told that I dressed classy by different people. So, that kind of makes sense. I don’t think I own anything D&G.
  • Leopard print, lots of gold jewelry, lots of costume jewelry, huge hats, huge sunglasses, ridiculous fake nails, and other theatrical clothes and accessories. I do wear everything except the ridiculous fake nails. My nails have always been real. I do like animal prints, and lots of rings on my hands, one on each finger. I do wear a lot of hats, not at the same time, but many people have noticed that I wear a hat most of the time, whether sunhat, knit hat, fedora, or fashionable hat because hats are fun. I do like wearing sunglasses because I like looking like I am incognito. Queen of the Zodiac also wears complex beading, crowns, heavy jewelry, and flashy. I wear a little bit of this but not a lot. I do have metallic shiny leggings, and a denim jacket that I added lots of beads, as well as some pins, on the back for fun.
  • Athletic stomach, big butt, and clothes that show off low back or backless clothes. I am not athletic at all, and I don’t have a big butt or an athletic stomach. But I do like wearing backless blouses and halters.
  • Warm-toned clothes and jewelry. I wear all jewelry colors, both gold and silver. I also like copper, brass, and pewter. I like playing with fashion and accessories for fun. But I think I look better in cool-toned clothes.
  • Wiggle dresses from 50s; I had to look up wiggle dresses because I wasn’t sure that that was, and I realized that I like wearing them because they look like a dress version of a pencil skirt, and I do like wearing pencil skirts.
  • Big tinted sunglasses that make you look famous. I did have a big one during the 90s that made look like a star. I bought it at CostCo, and the salesgirl helping me pick the right sunglasses even said I look like a star in these sunglasses. I used to get a lot of compliments on these sunglasses.
  • Sun Goddess—I do like sunny weather, bright sunshine, and long daylight hours. Also, a lioness, which makes sense because no wonder I get along with Gumby as a mate. We are both cats.

Therefore, mine was kind of accurate with most pieces but not everything. Was yours accurate for you?


What do you think?

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