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Thursday, 12.20.18 night…

I was watching an East Indian movie, Namestake on the Indie Channel while internet surfing. At 8:30 pm, my phone rang, and I was wondering who would call me at this hour. The woman’s voice didn’t sound familiar so I just stayed silent because I didn’t want to deal with telemarketers or phone spammers. The woman said, “Hello, Hello.” And, all of the sudden, in the movie, the phone rang and an Indian man said, “Hello, Hello, and started speaking Indian. The woman on my phone hung up. I thought it was perfect timing that the TV answered her back in Indian. That was my entertaining moment for the day. I thought it was funny…(I feel like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone).

I proofed 1/4 of my graphic novel. I did see typos and some other issues that I fixed. I didn’t realize I made these typos. I hope there is less, and I hope I catch everything.

I just received California Style Magazine for autumn fashions, but I actually got two thin magazines, one for women’s fashions and one for men’s fashions. I skimmed both to get an idea what’s inside. I noticed a lot of 80s inspiration in the women’s fashion. The men’s fashion magazine had a lot of turtlenecks, minimalist suits, and metro man fashions. I will write two separate posts on these fashions later.


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