Downtown Irvine Fall Fashions 2018

Wednesday, 6:00 pm on 10.10.18. As I was driving during rush hour traffic in downtown Irvine, California, I noticed the sunset ahead. Since traffic is boring and annoying, I took out my iPhone and took a couple of snapshots.

Just to the left of this lovely sunset, I decided to take a snapshot from my side window of a business building.

As I continued to drive, I noticed a couple of planes flying downwards and to the left, where Orange County’s John Wayne Airport is at. When the plane flew fast and was on the sunset, I wanted to take a snapshot, but I wasn’t fast enough. As the traffic started to move, there were more planes flying downward. But I put down my iPhone.

For Fall Fashions 2018, consider a wild cat print dress, worn with black tights and/or black turtleneck for cool climates. Or, if you prefer a black dress, then maybe add some animal print accessories.

Bright-colored, urban and edgy hair color continues to be popular. These two girls colored their hair in neon pink and red-orange rust.


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