Colors for Autumn 2020 to Winter 2021

Popular colors for Autumn 2020 to Winter 2021

Classic Blue, True Blue and Strong Blue

Dress Blue and Blue Depths—looker darker, almost like midnight blue.

Powder Blue—which is soft, similar to pastel blue.

Mandarin Red—bright yellow-toned red, which looks China color. Hence, Mandarin.

Samba Red—dark blue-toned red

Fired Brick Red—dark yellow-toned red, which almost looks like a brownish red or auburn.

Burnt Henna Red—looks similar to the Fired Brick red but a little bit bright.

Exuberance Orange—bright and energetic orange.

Amber Glow Orange—has a little bit brown or beige because it looks dull or almost a tan shade.

Ultramarine Green—is like oceanic green, especially in the underwater world. It kind of looks like teal.

Military Olive Green—earthy green, but now is placed in the neutral color.

Pear Green—soft and light but a dull green. It reminds me of a light green vegetable because it has an earthy tinge to it.

Neon Yellow with a tinge of green.

Celery Yellow Green—looks more like light green.

Magenta Purple—looks like Aubergine or Eggplant color. It looks like a dark purple.

Hot Pink—a bright pink shade.

Royal Purple—deep purple shade.

Powder purple—soft light purple

Soft colors—peach, rose, tan, nude, sandstone, and tawny shades—neutral shades of nudes. Putty would be a good shade in this category.

From soft colors to classic shades to deep and dark shades.

Grays—sheen, sleet, and asphalt, which look like off-white, bluish-gray, and navyish-gray.

Almond Oil looks like a soft yellow shade, almost a pastel yellow shade.



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