Classic 2021 Outfits for Everyday

Thursday, February 18, 2021

I checked out this video because I like french fashion ideas. As I watched the video, I realized that I have always dressed like this since the 80s because these pieces are classic pieces. She even uses one purse for most of the outfits–The Chanel  Boy Bag, which can be a short shoulder bag or longer crossbody, as well as other purses to much the outfit and shoes. I have a similar ones but different names–my KL black purse and my Badgely Mischka red vegan purse. 

  1. Oversized shirt and leggings, as well as oxford shoes, classic black shoulder purse with flap. I have all these pieces, although some of my pieces are old from the 80s and 90s, except my KL purse which has the Chanel-boy-bag-look.
  2. Blue linen shirt, denim pants, brown shoes and brown purse with trench coat. I have similar pieces but different color. My linen shirt is in vertical stripes of purple shades with one of my denim pants, and brown shoes and KL brown purse. My trench coat is navy.
  3. Long skirt, t-shirt, and blazer with shoulder bag and high heel shoes. I would prefer to wear my pencil skirt or angular wrap skirt because it is more fun, and probably more creative. 
  4. Tank top or turtleneck, white pants, blazer, belt, and loafer. Change up the blazer with a denim jacket for a different look.
  5. Denim pants with print shirt and nude shoes and beige purse. Add black belt.
  6. White jeans, khaki shirt, scarf as belt, and clogs.
  7. Black shirt and black pants. Add print scarf and long cardigan. Crossbody purse.
  8. Cardigan and denim pants. Colorful scarf and trench coat. And grey shoes.
  9. Striped blouse, denim pants, black or navy blazer, and black shoes and black shoulder bag. But I would probably wear red shoes and red purse with this outfit.
  10. Lacy blouse, denim pants, and cardigan in same color as blouse, belt, and beige shoes.
  11. Leopard print blouse, black pants, black blazer, and beige belt and shoes. Add same shoulder bag. I would probably wear leopard print shoes.

But each outfit, I would also add a cute hat, such as beret, fedora, knit beanie, or another hat that matches that particular outfit. Another popular accessory is sunglasses, and if you wear regular glasses, nice trendy eyeglasses.


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