Accessories for Autumn 2020-Winter 2021

Monday, 8.3.20

This post summarize the lastest fashion trend for Autumn 2020-Winter 2021 accessories. Shoes, hats jewelry, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and scarves are just the most used accessories that can change or even modernize an outfit without buying new clothes. 

#1 Shoe and Bag Trends Fall 2020 Winter 2021

Combat boots with fishnet hosiery


Rain boots



Over the knee boots

Spikes on shoes

Sock boots

Loafers and Oxfords

Pointy-toe shoes

Laced shoes and boots

Box purses

Bucket Bag

Neck Bag

Huge Bag

Belted Bag

Layering Bags—I have done that before…

Fringe on Bags

Matching Print Bag to clothes.

Water Bottle Holder Bag

Structured Bag

Saddle Bags---that is so 70s. I used to have one when I was a kid.

Professional tote bags

#2 Accessory and Jewelry Trends Fall 2020 Winter 2021

If you aren’t into clothes or clothes shopping, then the best way to update your fashionable look is by changing up the accessories. If you prefer just wearing fashionable accessories, then it is best to wear a simple outfit, whether monochromatic one color from head to toe or just very basic classic pieces.

Wide brim hats are popular this autumn and winter. I actually like wearing them for summertime because it is so hot and humid. Bucket hat, Baker boy hat, newsboy hat, or flat cap, Knitted beanies, Headbands with crystal décor.

Head scarf

Sunglasses- huge frame are back. I have old ones from Costco, from back in 90s. Cateye is popular too. My reading glasses are now cateye frame by Tiffanys.

Earrings—One Earring. I have onesies because I accidentally lost some earrings. Vintage earrings are also popular. Pearls are always in style because they are classic. Crosses are popular.

Necklace –puffy metal collar necklace, pendant necklace, layering necklaces, chain necklaces, charms on chain necklace, chokers, Crosses, and statement necklaces.

Scarf as necklace. Neck bow.

Belts—wide belts, huge belt buckle, statement belt, corset belt, ropes worn as belt, chain belt, and tie as a belt.

Gloves—long gloves


Socks with shoes, tights, patterned hosiery, printed hosiery...


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