92nd Oscars Red Carpet Fashions 2020

Sunday, 2.9.20

I started my morning with a mall walking meetup at South Coast Plaza. By nine, I noticed it is a small group of thirteen. I think it was before it was raining and cold all morning, even though the rain was only soft light misty rain, and the mall is indoors. I ran into some familiar faces, and we chatting throughout our three-mile walk through mall alleys, three floors, two buildings, and one bridge. By eleven, most people left, and I decided to continue my walk on my own, mostly browsing and window-shopping while meditating on fashion ideas, colors, and my surroundings. By noon, I decided to go home, but I had to stop at Mother’s Market because Gumby was out of canned food. By 12:35, I was home again, watching the Oscars countdown on ABC channel.

Red Carpet Fashions

Gold gowns, big billowy skirts and sleeves, gold jacket for men, velvet gowns, one-shoulder gowns, as well as jewel-toned gowns, understated and classic styles, velvet leopard-print gowns, pant suits, gowns of all colors—from pastels to bold colors. There were also slim-fitted silhouette gowns and color-blocking. Other gowns were flowy, with drapery and a huge decorative bow. White gowns were also popular—Salma Hayek wore a white Gucci gown, Cynthia Erivo wore a white Versace gown, and Renee Zellweger wore a white Armani one-shoulder gown.

Diamond jewelry was popular with these gowns. But many celebrities preferred vintage jewelry and accessories as well as statement necklaces.

The Real Real Consignment store in LA was promoted as the store to shop for affordable designer clothes and accessories.

They also talked about making digital movies, which involved digital aging, digital youth for older characters for flashback scenes, and CGI.

It was also noted that the red-carpet area was enlarged to a bigger space for more activities and mingling on the red carpet. While watching my plasma TV screen, I saw a bird’s eye view of the red-carpet area, which was mostly black umbrellas moving around on red background. There were also black vans or jeeps on the red carpet, dropping off or unloading stuff from the back. It was raining in LA at 1:00 pm, with on and off again rain, which is similar to the soft rain in the OC area.

They mentioned the celebrities and parties at Vanity Fair. Bill Porter modeled his sleeveless gold scaly top, orange print billowy gown, and gold platform shoes. He looked like a birds of prey diva.

It was soon noted that the weather was pouring rain in LA. I glanced out my slide door, and noticed it was just cloudy here, although the ground was still wet.

They described the Governor’s Ball as the elegant party, filled with warmth and comfort.

1600 people will be attending this year’s Oscars. The menu will have a variety of dishes for everyone, but there will be more veggie dishes on the menu. Wolfgang Puck and his team were tossing out mini chocolate-covered Oscars. Saeed House bartender talked about the cocktails, which were named after nominated movies. Joker’s Cocktail had mental disorder inspiration array of ingredients. Little Women Cocktail had traditional Xmas-y spice inspiration ingredients. Parasite Cocktail had Korean inspiration ingredients.

Regina King, dressed in a peach gown, was interviewed. Adina Menzel, dressed in flowy fuchsia gown with drapery and a huge bow, and diamonds, also stopped for an interview.

Spike Lee wore a Lakers-inspired jacket with the number 24 to pay tribute to the late Kobe Bryant.

Lily Aldridge and Billy Porter interviewed celebrities on the red carpet before they entered the 92nd, No-Host Oscars at the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.


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  1. Fashion on the red carpet is no longer what it used to be. I remember sighing over the lovely gowns of those from the days of Old Hollywood. Today they are either practically nude with a bit of material or thigh-high slits with heavy thighs and so on. The really lovely gowns are no longer

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