3 Reasons Why Monk Strap Boots for Women Are Growing in Popularity

Do you know about the Double Monk Strap Shoes? Monk strap shoes are semi-formal shoes that are becoming more popular day by day in both men and women. Women can’t stop obsessing with fashion. Your style defines who you are and what you like. Women love to be fashionable and attractive, but they don’t do it to impress others. If you are bored with the regular brogue and oxford, then opt for monk strap shoes or double monk strap shoes. Both are considered as one of the best and most versatile dress shoes that you should add to your wardrobe.

Reasons For The Growing Popularity of Monk Strap Shoes

You know about the monk strap shoes but have you ever heard about the double monk strap shoes? When it comes to formal attire, you may stick to oxford or other dress shoes, but do you know that monk strap shoes can change your shoe rack forever? They are stylish, unique, and have interesting details.

The monk strap shoes became a registered design in the year 1901. Monks used to wear these shoes in Europe, which is why they are called monk strap shoes. Later they transformed from formal to a more contemporary and informal option. Now they are becoming increasingly popular because of the following reasons.


What do you consider while buying yourself boots? The primary factor that should be considered while purchasing a pair of boots is comfort. There is no point whatsoever in spending dollars on shoes that are not letting you walk comfortably or leaving painful blisters. The monk strap shoes are comfortable and don’t cause pain no matter how long you wear them.

High-quality leather

A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without leather boots. Monk strap shoes are made of high-quality leather, so they are durable and perfect to complete any look. They are available in different colors so you can choose your favorite. Quick tip: If you pick the brown color, it hides scuffs and stains.

Elegant designs

Just like the derby and oxford relatives, monk strap boots are available in different styles and designs to make it a bit difficult for you to choose. In toe cap monk strap shoes, there is an extra layer of leather stitched over the toe lends. These are the best to be worn at work. Decorated with the W shaped leather patch stitched on to the top of toe wingtip is the perfect less dressy option.

Final verdict

No matter if you choose single or double monk strap shoes, make sure you carry them well. Always wear socks with these boots when you’re at work. Be selective about the leather quality which monk strap boots are made of high-quality leather. You can also opt for suede monk strap shoes. This footwear looks sophisticated and unique as compared to the other formal shoes. If you are searching for the classic shoes with a twist, then monk strap boots will not disappoint.


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