10 Fall Fashion 2021 Trends

Friday, August 27, 2021

Cabaret inpiration—think the movie Chicago, which I guess is about the 20s-inspired styles.

Chains–this has been in style for a couple of years

Cut-outs–this too has been in style for a couple of years

Denim–never goes out of style…

Futuristic aviator sunglasses—this would have been better for summer fashions.

Greek and roman inspiration–I guess long loose flowy white gowns, maybe with some gold. Think Goddess Isis.

Leather? Please consider pleather because it is better.

Oversized coats and clothes–oversized clothes have been promoted for a while now.

Pink pop–mostly in bright pink, which would make a good accent color with neutral outfit.

Transparency—clear, sheer, mesh, etc clothes and accessories–that has been popular for a while now.


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