Yoworld Victorian Caroler Outfit Challenge

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Challenge 7 in Yoworld is Holly Jolly Sing-along. Christmas Carolers in Downtown area, at the Christmas Market.

My first avatar received a 4.4 on her Victorian Winter Outfit. She is dressed in green, which matches her green eyes, and she takes her cute dog along with her. Her outfit includes a long green Victorian gown, green leafy scarf, elegant green shoes, green marchioness coat and short cape, a stuffed teddy toy for her dog, wreath and book, white gloves, green hat, and a lute gift. She is a wise owl, this season. 

My second avatar received a 4.2 on her outfit. She is a redhead, dressed in a brown Victorian gown, cream lacy cravat, gold leave scarf, caramel winter marchioness shoes, blue marchioness coat, blue marchioness short cape, light blue earmuffs, and white gloves. Her chihuahua comes along, wearing a xmas tree outfit. She carries her dog’s teddy bear, a wreath and a book, and lute, as she gets ready for Xmas caroling before going home.

Which outfit do you prefer? The first one looks like a Victorian Fashionista while the second one looks like the girl next door.


What do you think?

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