Yoworld Fashion Challenge: Underground Elites

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Challenge 7 is a fashion challenge for the Elites’ Underground Home theme. It takes places in Arkansas, USA, the home of Billy Clinton, where my avatar is relaxed in her new Elite room, dressed in her new autumn outfit, wondering where to go underground.

My first avatar received 4.6 on her outfit. Her blonde hair has grown out very long, hiding out underground so long. But she still loves makeup, but prefers natural lip color and soft eyeshadow colors to bring out her blue eyes. Her outfit has warm-toned colors to represent to colorful rustic autumn leaves. Orange beret, red cropped sweater and jacket hanging over her shoulders, brown pants, bronze chain belt and necklace, and cream ankle boots, and amethyst heart-shaped geode.

My second avatar received 4.4 on her outfit. Her red hair has grown out very long, while in hiding underground. She prefers natural makeup around eyes, but rosy cheeks and red lipstick. Her colors are white and purple because she is very intuitive. Dressed in a boho chic outfit of purple sweater, purple plaid skirt, purple pants, silver chain belt and silver chain necklace, white ankle boots, white jacket hanging over her shoulder, pink pleater designer purse, maple leave earrings, purple knit beanie, and amethyst heart-shaped geode.

Which outfit do you like better?


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