Yoga Workout With Your Cat

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Since there is no gyms open during this NWO One World Lockdown, considering creating your own yoga gym inside your home. You can follow youtube videos or maybe your own yoga DVDs. And, if you need others to work out with, consider family, friends, and even your pets. 

Consider doing yoga with your cat. When I do yoga at home, Gumby just jumps into my space and gets in my way on purpose. So, I end up working around my cat’s body, which turn into a new workout, kind of like a Yoga-Twister workout.

I am sure dogs will work, too. I remember my late shihtzus used to do the Updog pose a lot to stretch their body. And, maybe, sometimes, the Downward Dog pose for stretching. I often see Gumby doing these stretch poses after he wakes up from a nap. (my late cat used to do it). 


What do you think?

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