Yoga on President's Day

Monday, 2.17.20

I woke up early in the morning to get ready for yoga class. I noticed the sky was very cloudy. I checked the weather report on my iPhone, and it looks like it will be sunny all week, but cloudy in the mornings. I decided to get ready, and by 10 am, it was sunny. I dropped by the PO and noticed it was closed because today is President’s Day. Another woman was hurrying toward the PO with a package, but I told her it is closed today. So, I went straight to the mall, where my gym is located, and parked my car. The weather was nice–cool but sunny, and the mall was crowded with people like Xmas Break. There were many kids running around in the mall. The mall looked very lively and busy. I walked straight to the gym, and decided to raise my legs against the mirrored wall to improve circulation while I waited for others to come. There were 8 people in the class, which is smaller than usual. My body was rusted because I have missed many classes. I need to do more yoga to get back into shape. I felt more energetic by the end of the class, and I walked to my car to return home.


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