Workout Meetups

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I started my day with Yoga at the Park meetup at Woodbridge.

Then, at 6pm, I went to a sidewalk hilly hike at Turtle Rock meetup group. 9 people showed up, and only three were familiar.  I walked 4.7 miles, 9,928 steps, and 10 floors. It was a good walk, and I was walking fast, as usual, walking ahead of the rest, because I cannot help my natural brisk walking pace. We stopped at the community park for a bathroom break. There were many people at the park, as well as others going hiking, probably on the Bommer trail. There were a group of musicians performing for an audience at the park. The summer night weather was nice. I returned home at 8:30pm, and made Peppermint herb tea. I added some oregano into the tea.


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