Winter Has Already Arrived in SoCali

Wednesday, 12.5.18

It rained all day today, and it was cold. But at 3 pm I decided to go to the Improv Show. I dressed warm, in monochromatic grey, which included pinstriped grey St. John drawstring pants, grey turtleneck, pinstriped charcoal J.Crew vest, grey socks, grey trench pea coat, grey beret, and charcoal cowl I loomed. I added a black accent, which included black gloves and black flat oxfords. I stopped at the ATM and gas station, before driving to the Spectrum Center. I arrived there at 4:30 pm, which was kind of early. So, I stopped at Coffee Bean and bought a cup of Pumpkin Latte. It was good, especially on a cold day. I tasted the pumpkin spice flavor as well as the creaminess. I walked around taking snapshots and making a video of the tall Xmas tree changing colors like a chameleon. By 6 pm, I picked up my ticket and hung out with some people at an adjacent bar. By 7 pm,  I stood in line. I entered soon after, and I ordered the vegetarian nachos dish and black coffee. The nachos filled me up that I got a stomachache. I cannot eat too much food at 7 pm. I always regret it, if I do. I need to pick something smaller next time. This evening’s show was entertaining. I returned home at 10 pm.

Winter has already arrived southern California, but not officially until December 21st.


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