Windy Chilly Weather in SoCali

Tuesday, 2.4.20

As I went outside for a little while today to pick up needed items from the Association, I noticed it was very windy and chilly. I remember it had been very windy since last night because I thought my wreath was going to fly off my front door. The windy weather continued this morning. By 5 pm, I decided to go to the walking meetup anyway. Only 3 people showed up, probably because of the chilly weather in the 40s. So, we decided to curtail our walking route to a shorter route, enough for a workout because the residential area is hilly. I did 2.3 miles and 6,832 steps. After the first mile, I was already warmed up anyway. At 7:45 pm, I noticed it was 49 degrees, as I drove straight home. 


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