Who was Nick Gordon?

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Celeb Psychic channels Nick Gordon. The only I am familiar with Nick Gordon is because of his association with Whitney Houston and Bobbie Kristina Brown. It is sad that he died young, right after Bobbie Kristina’s death. So, I am interested to see what kind of energy and information the Celeb Psychic gets from his spirit or soul on the other side.

When he crossed over, he was in shock to see where he was. Lots of confusion around his death. Bobbie Kristina was extorted before they found her in the bathtub, and later beat her up mark her. There was shame around him; he was given drugs to intentionally kill him, which was a mafia hit to shut him up. He was also an Illuminati sacrifice, similar to Whitney Houston. Whitney had agreed to die to save her daughter from being part of the industry and become free. (I think that is the same thing Heath Ledger was doing to save and free his daughter).

And, remember, being found dead in a bathtub is an Illuminati symbolism for portal to the other side. Media gangsters did the hit.

Nick Gordon didn’t put her in the bathtub. The bathtub incident was also an Illuminati message to her father. He was the last person to witness what had happened to Bobbie Kristina. There is a cover-up of the truth, and many people out there knows the truth.  He was being tortured before they murdered him.

Some older male person they all knew was responsible of the death. I think it might be Clive Davis.

This reading makes sense to me. I thought the same thing about what really happened, but not in the same words or in these details. It is similar to other celebrity deaths. It is all a part of the industry, and the contractual agreements these celebrities do for fame and money. 

Nick Gordon died on a symbolic day, January 1, 2020, which is 1.1.2020. Sequential numbers are often used in the Illuminati for symbolic reasons. Nick Gordon was born in 1990 in Georgia, and he died in Florida.


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