Who was Heather O'Rourke?

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Celeb Psychic channels Heather O’Rourke. I remember this child actress from the movie Poltergeist. It was sad when she died. According to the media, she had gotten the flu, but her parents didn’t think much about it. But it ended up being worse, and she died soon after. Heather Michele O’Rourke was born on December 27, 1975, and died on February 1, 1988 at 12.

She died of cardiac arrest and septic shock, caused by an intestinal stenosis. There were people in the industry who were involved in her death. An executive or businessman, with a bread/mustache and slightly overweight, walks into a set. There is a commotion in the back. Two young girls are sitting and watching, with a cold face. There are four men in the room. One man is horrified. The executive is terrified. They took her off-route to a hospital. No one was telling the truth. On the day she died, she knew she was going to die. The mother went crazy because of all the stories she was told about Heather’s death. An actor was horrified what he saw during Heather’s death.


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