Who is Anneliese Michel?

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel, in which inspired the Hollywood movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Hollywood changes names because they use real life stories to create their own version. I also remember reading somewhere on the internet that Anneliese Michel’s parents didn’t want anything to do with the movie because they didn’t support this movie about their daughter. In the movie version, Emily Rose had died from an exorcism at 19, which was performed by her priest that she trusted. I don’t think it was the priest’s fault because he is only a priest and he was trying to help Anneliese in the only way he knew how, which was through God, prayer, and an exorcism.

I really feel she was mentally ill, and she wasn’t given the right medication to help her condition. I have heard of stories about many Epileptic people who were off their medication for different reasons, whether intentionally or they just forgot to take their medication, which lead to an epileptic seizure that lead to their death.

Satanic Zionist infested Media Industry tends to promote satanism and witchcraft all the time, since I remember during the 70s. I am sure it was going on before the 70s. I am just not aware of anything in the 60s and prior years. Wait a second…I remember some 60s sitcoms…Bewitched and I Dream of ‘Jinni,’ which promoted witches and jinns in a positive and fun way in order to normalize such lifestyles as fun and cool. I am sure there is more. Moreover, the Zionists have infiltrated many churches, and they now control the Jesuits. That is why the Catholic Church is considered to be a corporation involved in politics and Zionism to control the masses for the NWO agenda. Therefore, the Zionist Media Industry often demonizes Priests, Religion, and anything about God to turn the stupid public away from God and toward their Satanic Zionist ways. That is why we are seeing more and more movies about pedophile priests, satanic churches, and other twisted information. Don’t forget that the Pope will announce the NWO and One World Order.


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